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Private tutors have never been more in demand than they are now, thus it is critical that you find the right high-quality tutor for your child.  It is vital that you find a tutor with whom your child can relate with comfortably in order to build effective communication skills.  With a background in Psychology and over 20 years of experience in tutoring, relating to children and having a unique insight has become second to nature for me.


I strongly believe that children need a solid foundation in education which can only be obtained from a structured and organised learning process and this is exactly what Knowledge Above Standard supplies. I highly recommend children to start as young as possible to encourage stability and develop progress that will enable them to succeed with any 11+ Exams that they may want to take.  As well as the above, children need to be aware of essential life skills such as motivation, organization and time management.


I have also taught children with learning difficulties and my aim is to cater each individual to their own full potential, helping them see beyond their immediate frustrations, enhancing self-confidence and self-belief and to provide them with the tools that they will require to succeed in 7+ exams, 11+ exams and beyond.


Although I believe that education should be fun, hence four in a group, my methods of teaching are very traditional.  Disciplinary and routine are key factors in my teaching, especially when it comes to homework.  Whilst it’s fundamental to focus on the child’s self-confidence, it is just as important to help them find education satisfying and rewarding, both of which from my experience can only be achieved by firm guidance.


Close collaboration with parents is another essential factor that all tutors should be able to offer.  Tuition is not just a relationship between the child and tutor, it involves parents too.  Speaking to other parents, you will learn that I am always there to advise and monitor progress and help with any administration for school applications.





Tuition at Knowledge Above Standard will only ever be a maximum of four in a group.  This is to ensure that each child will receive maximum individual attention, as well as to improve motivation and encourage learning through healthy competition whilst also getting the personal attention that they require. I feel that if the groups were any larger, it becomes difficult to give children the personal attention that they need.  Since 1998 I have only ever had four in a group and intend to continue the same.  This has proven successful with enhancing and inspiring all of the above.





I believe homework is absolutely crucial in order to form a healthy routine in a child’s day to day life which enhances steady progress and avoids overloading a child with work nearing the exams.





Knowledge Above Standard does not believe in setting dates for a progress report. A brief feedback will be given after every lesson and if a detailed discussion is required, an appointment will be available at any time of the year.





Knowledge Above Standard is open 52 weeks of the year.


Term Times:

Monday - Friday      







Bank Holidays


Holiday Times:

Monday - Friday        




My students are like my own children!

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