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"My daughter’s knowledge has increased leaps and bounds since starting with Kas. Kas has provided an excellent learning atmosphere to enable my child to fulfil her potential."

Mrs. Haria


"Since commencing with tuition, my daughter has become more confident and independent in completing her homework tasks, as well as being able to stay in line with her fellow peers in the class. She loves the idea of a challenge and is always keen to broaden her knowledge and learn more. She enjoys going to tuition!"


"Over the last 3 years with Kas we have seen our son flourish not only academically but emotionally. His self-belief and confidence have soared under her wind and we truly believe this has been a fundamental element to his 11+ success. This confidence has enabled him to explore and try new tasks without hesitation. As parents this has been a pleasure to see. Passing his 11+ and getting a place in QE Boys gave him a real sense of achievement. This new found attitude has had a real impact on his school work, achieving far more than he has before.

Thank you Kas."


"I cannot rate Knowledge Above Standard highly enough. The level of tuition provided was first class and the dedication shown was impressive. Not only did Kas tutor both our daughters to the required academic standard, but they were both coached to have the confidence required to succeed in a competitive environment. My daughters took the 7+ exams for both St. Helen’s and North London Collegiate and they were offered a place in both the schools.

A big thank you."


"My son was with you for over a year. I will always be thankful for the hard work and dedication you have put in with him. You have inspired him to work hard to reach his goals, which he has. He has been offered a place in Parmiter’s which I was extremely shocked with as I didn’t know he had the potential. You were always available to clear any doubts he had and he always says that you explain in such a ways that he can clearly understand and now, he tells Year 5 children in her school to go to you. I would recommend you to any parent who wishes their child to go to an inspiring teacher."


"I can proudly say that my daughter was offered a place in the top girls’ grammar school, Henrietta Barnett, for which she sat the 11+ exam. Undoubtedly personal skills and dedication played an important role, but these alone would not have got her the result she managed to achieve. I can confidently say that the outstanding level of tuition she received contributed highly to my daughter’s accomplishment, by means of successfully equipping her with the techniques (and possibly some tricks – why not!) to tackle the exam papers, being verbal or non-verbal reasoning, English or Mathematics."


"I am absolutely delighted to inform you that my daughter has received an offer from Henrietta Barnett. We cannot thank you enough for the immense effort, hard work and dedication of you over the last 3 years. I am certain that it is only as a result of the hours she has spent working with you and the homework you have set that she achieved such wonderful results. Throughout her time with you she has maintained a love for learning and has gained a very thorough working knowledge of all aspects of the curriculum. You demanded high expectations of her and brought her to believe that she could achieve anything she put her mind to. She always felt at ease and came home with a smile on her face. I cannot recommend your tutoring more highly and am sure that anyone fortunate enough to join your classes will flourish under your expert guidance.


"Not understanding the 11+ system, I panicked as I felt that I left it too late to prepare for my son for the exams. I was under the impression that they were a year later! Luckily I met Kas, who tutored my son on a daily basis for the 6 months that we had. During that time I saw him mature as a young person whilst developing a range of skills, allowing him to become more confident in all aspects of his learning. The sessions he attended not only supported this development but provided a friendly, caring and enjoyable environment in which to prepare him for the rigours of the formal examinations. But, most importantly, it is our son who is the first to extol the benefits/rewards of such individualised educational provision. Not only was my son offered a place at Haberdasher’s Boys’ School, but also at QE Boys. We strongly have Kas to thank for this opportunity."


"I started my daughter at Knowledge Above Standard 2 years ago. I always found Kas to be an inspirational teacher who worked with energy and enthusiasm. She treats children as individuals, seeking ways to develop each child’s strengths in creative and positive ways. She is very versatile and adaptable. She combines a kind and caring approach with good discipline and high expectations. Her good sense of humour means that she quickly develops rapport with the children in her care. My daughter got into Parmiter’s School. I would recommend Kas unhesitatingly to anyone."

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