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In line with the current government guidelines,

we have now resumed our in class lessons.


All in-centre sessions are running as normal in our 

COVID safe setting!

Our tuition remains unaffected and is running as normal.

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Prime Minister announced a national lockdown.

Knowledge Above Standard stopped classes immediately until further notice, not knowing how and if we were going to be able to continue teaching.

This was an extremely difficult decision and we were heartbroken that we wouldn't be able to help our students during this time.

21st March

After analysing different technologies, we began tutoring online.

Children were taught on a 1-to-1 basis with a virtual lesson structure.

The benefits of this ended up being much better than expected!

We were aware that the sudden closure of schools had caused a lot of anxiety and concern for both parents and students.

Our aim was to provide guidance and structure to give as much calmness and stability as possible and to ensure children didn't fall behind on the syllabus.

Technology allowed us to fill the gap during Lockdown Number One.




Distance Learning
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IMG_5973 2.JPG


Lockdown Restrictions were lifted!

Technology allowed us to fill the gap during the pandemic. However, we know it's proven that face-to-face tutoring is the most effective method of teaching and is where students benefit the most.

This is the reason we wanted to restart face-to-face classes as soon as it was safe to do so for everyone.

After almost 3 months of online teaching, we managed to set up a safe environment with protective measures put in place to reduce all risks and to ensure that the safety of all students is prioritised.

With the highest standards of safety being maintained, we welcomed back our students.


Children were very happy to have some normality back into their lives!



Prime Minister announced a four-week England lockdown.

We conducted numerous risk assessments and were in frequent contact with the Department for Education (DfE) who granted us permission to continue face-to-face lessons during this four week period.

Both parents and children were overjoyed by this outcome, where there could be some normality in their lives.






Transmission of a new strain of coronavirus began, making the virus 70% more contagious.  We felt we had to do our part to help the NHS and protect our students.

Therefore, leading to our second closure of face-to-face classes and back to online learning!

However, this time we were prepared.  We knew what to expect and how logistically everything would work. 

With video technology advancing tremendously since lockdown 1.0, we were able to configure a virtual class where all four children can be taught together, while still receiving individual feedback and teaching through the use of breakout rooms.

While this is the best approach in the worst situation, we hope to be teaching children face-to-face back in our classroom soon!




Lockdown Restrictions were lifted for the second time! 

Finally, classroom teaching begins again! After another long second lockdown period, (and hopefully the last!) we resume face-to-face lessons.

Continuing with the highest standards of safety, we welcomed back our students.

Children were beyond happy to have some normality back into their lives!

Unfortunately the pandemic has had a huge impact in children's learning, we are working extremely hard to fill the gaps which have been created due to months of missed schooling.


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“The beginning is always today”

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