"I cannot thank Kas enough for her hard work and determination towards our daughters learning and development. My daughter is currently in year 2 and started with Kas in reception as I found it very hard to get any work out of her, concentration was weak and focus wasn't there our daughter was not interested in learning.  Kas has provided me with excellent guidance, support and resources to help our child be where she is now. Our child has more confidence and self esteem in learning and enjoys her tution sessions with Kas.  Kas has changed our child's life forever. Thank you so much kas your so amazing."

— Mrs A Patel

"My daughter has been going to Kas for around 3 months after recommendation. What a find ! Truly lucky, wished it would have been sooner.
Kas, is so passionate about teaching and this is reflected as soon as I first met her. We were instantly made aware of key focus areas.
We have seen huge improvements already and look forward to see my daughter flourish in her learning journey with Kas."

— Mrs J Halai

"Kas was a fantastic tutor to my daughter during Yr6 and helped her with confidence, discipline and focus in Maths and English. Always helping to bring out the maximum potential in each of her students. Kas also ensured as a parent I was kept informed on progress and key focus areas. I would highly recommend KAS to any parent."

— Mr M Vaghela

"My Twins started just 3 months ago and voila the change in them has been magnificent they have improved a lot. Thank you Kas."

— Mrs C Pindoria

"Share the story. My daughter has been going to KAS for about 3/4 months and the progress together with structure has been impressive. I am disappointed by the Asian community, that are so reluctant in sharing the details of a fantastic tutor like KAS. Shame on you! Not only can I see the progress, we as parents also have a commitment to ensure home work is marked and mistakes are corrected before the next lesson. You know when the tutor cares, is when you, as a parent get told off for not marking or correcting the mistakes, ( takes me back to school as a naughty child ). Let the learning continue and remember folks, Sharing is Caring and Knowledge is Power."

— Mr M Halai

"My Twins started just 3 months ago and voila the change in them has been magnificent they have improved a lot. Thank you Kas."

— Mrs C Pindoria

"When my daughter went into year one I was devastated to be told by her teachers she was struggling to learn and would need extra help. As a parent Going through the school system for the first time and already having another younger child I knew I couldn’t do what was needed to help her. After asking around I was finally directed to Kas at Knowledge above Standard
I can safely say this was the best decision I ever made for her life. Kas knew exactly what was needed and how to help her, she started from scratch and worked her way through explaining everything to her! I genuinely believe where my daughter is today is all down to Kas ! Her amazing work ethic her ability to learn and from a child who the school said would always need support in learning to the adult now going to the university of law in London !!
This wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for Kas she has the right tools to help your child succeed."

— Ms F Agha

"I’ve been very happy with Kas tutoring all three of my children. Kas has very high standards and imposes these standards on my children. An amazing tutor that keeps parents in the loop all of the time!"

— Ms K Bhachu

"Kay was my tutor from years 9-11 and helped me achieve exceptional GCSE grades. I always felt like the classroom was a safe environment to ask for help and Kay always had a variety of resources to accommodate different learning styles. For anyone looking for a tutor, I would highly recommend Knowledge Above Standard."

— Miss K Patel

"My son has been going to KAS for just over 2 years now and it has helped him immensely. Kas is excellent at her job and knows the syllabus inside out. Her teaching methods are simple and it has really helped my son gain confidence at school. Continuing with KAS has ensured that my son is comfortable with what he is learning at school, because much of the material has already been covered at tuition."

— Mrs N Hirani

"My daughter commenced tuition with Knowledge Above Standard (Kas) around 8 months ago. The high standard of tuition provided has massively helped my daughter progress in her development. Kas has worked hard with enthusiasm to help my daughter.  She has now become more confident and completes all her homework independently. She enjoys going tuition and completing any homework assigned to her. I highly recommend Kas.
Thank you Kas."

— Mrs P Varsani

"I began studying maths with KAS a year before my GCSEs. At the beginning of year 11, I was working at a grade 4/5 and got grade 7 in my actual GCSEs, which I am really happy with. Despite only having a short time to learn many topics, I was able to improve significantly.

KAS taught me content which I struggled to learn in school (and that is a lot of content). They taught me different ways to approach a question, they helped me to work at decent pace when it comes to exams so that I have time to check all my answers at the end, and so much more! During lockdown, lessons were held through a video call and KAS helped me stay engaged throughout the whole session, so I was able to learn the same pace as I would if it were to be face-to-face.

I am currently taking maths for a-levels and I would have never thought I would have this much fun studying a subject!

Thanks Kas and Akshay!"

— Miss P Harji

"It has been an absolute pleasure having our son Zayn attend Knowledge Above Standard for the last couple of years. I have been deeply impressed with the intuitive and highly professional approach that KAS has provided at all times. We have seen Zayn flourish at school and at home and he really has progressed so much grasping many new techniques quickly. Zayn has discovered a passion for maths and loves a challenge. We are so impressed with Zayn's progress as a direct result of Kaz's teaching style as she was able to identify knowledge gaps very quickly and target them enabling Zayn's further progression. Thank you ever so much, you will be truly missed."

— Mrs S Alimohamed