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In a nutshell we...

  • Provide tuition and educational support to children aged between 4 – 16

  • Maintain close collaboration and guidance with parents on how to assist intellectual effort at home

  • Professionally prepare children for school entry exams and assessments

  • Have proven results for 11+ Exams and SAT Exams including Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning

  • Encourage Enthusiasm, Self-confidence, Motivation and Fun!

  • Fully DBS checked

  • Offer a Free assessment for Everyone!

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About this Website

This website has been created to give you a simple guidance as to what we provide. It is not set up to compete with others, but to purely give each child an equal opportunity for tutoring.

Sadly, due to the high competitiveness for school entrance exams, in this day and age parents are reluctant to release their sources of tutoring.

We hope you find this website useful and informative. We have tried to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Our ethos is Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

The Million Dollar Question; Why us?

Finding the right tutor is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The reason why Knowledge Above Standard stands out is for the simple fact that we care about each and every child's success and we WILL do everything in our capability to ensure they are able to achieve their potential.

Knowledge Above Standard has helped hundreds of students achieve higher grades in school. We understand that each individual requires a different approach to learning, therefore, we provide work and assistance to strengthen the weaknesses of each student.


Our aim is to maximise your child’s potential by using our knowledge and experience to identify their weaknesses and turning them into strengths. We have a structured syllabus which caters to each individual, which has proven to be successful when preparing children's foundations for getting into competitive secondary schools. This unique syllabus has not only shown the best results for 11+ exams and SATs, however, is guaranteed to boost your child higher up the class.


Whether your child struggles at school or needs their confidence boosted, we can and we have made an enormous difference to hundreds of children. With confidence, we can promise that you will notice an immediate difference within the first couple of lessons with us.


Being a parent myself, I understand the stress and pressures you have while your child is going through the 11+ process, you would do anything it takes for your child to get into their dream school.


Our aim is to guide you through every step of the 11+ process, making sure you are 100% comfortable in your child’s investment.

We have the past papers to several secondary schools and have been training children for these tests for over 20 years. We also educate children to ensure the foundations of learning are solid, making sure they do not struggle in secondary school.

Many students have benefitted from Knowledge Above Standard and have proudly shared their success stories below. Scroll below to learn about how we’ve helped students surpass their academic goals with ease.

When my daughter went into year one I was devastated to be told by her teachers she was struggling to learn and would need extra help. As a parent Going through the school system for the first time and already having another younger child I knew I couldn’t do what was needed to help her. After asking around I was finally directed to Kas at Knowledge above Standard.
I can safely say this was the best decision I ever made for her life. Kas knew exactly what was needed and how to help her, she started from scratch and worked her way through explaining everything to her! I genuinely believe where my daughter is today is all down to Kas ! Her amazing work ethic her ability to learn and from a child who the school said would always need support in learning to the adult now going to the university of law in London !!
This wouldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for Kas she has the right tools to help your child succeed .

Ms F Agha